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The mystery to read on a cold winter's night. Murder At The Carousel Club was the third Matthew Alexander mystery that I read by Barbara Fleming. After reading Murder on the Gold Coast I thought they could not get any better. To my surprise they get better. The plot was intricate and turning the page was like walking down a long corridor with a door at the end, not knowing what to expect. The characters are full and round bursting with devilish energy. Barbara Fleming takes the reader on a fascinating journey with Matthew Alexander through the D.C. social and club scene. This mystery is flawless and I can't wait until the next one.

Review by Hellen O'neal Mccray
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Barbara Fleming is a master of the set-up. She has a talent for unfolding a story and creating characters and scenarios that capture the imagination. We climb aboard the ride, our hunger whetted for the truth. Murder at the Carousel Club is her newest installment in the Matthew Alexander mystery series. Fleming weaves a third intriguing tale about homicide in Washington, D.C., where Detective Alexander again is elbow deep in crime.

Murder at the Carousel Club is a great read for steamy summer nights. Fleming deftly unravels a murder mystery and adds heaps of surprises. Here's to a hearty welcome, again, to Lt. Matthew Alexander. It's fun to have him back on the beat.

Review by C. M. Lee
Columbus, Ohio

Pulsatingly Dynamic. The riveted and suspense laden mystery, Murder at the Carousel Club so skillfully written by Barbara Fleming, proved to be a unique and refreshingly different kind of literary experience. It unveils, for the reader, social dynamics that are as educational as they are entertaining. These dynamics pulled my whole being into the mystery with intense curiosity, and just as forcefully, these dynamics provided an objective yet realistic prospective into the urban African American culture: the Black family; and very specifically... the constant threat (and frequent plight) of African American males in America today. Murder at the Carousel Club is a must read!

Review by Laverne S.
Dayton, Ohio

Murder at the Carousel Club is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Once I started reading it, I was hooked. It's not often that I find a writer who holds my interest from the beginning to the end of the book. The story and the characters in Murder at the Carousel Club were so believable; I could hardly wait to find out if the person charged with the murder actually did it. Although I live in Atlanta now, I used to live in Washington, D.C., so the setting and the place names were so familiar to me. I could just picture the scenes as the characters moved across the city landscape trying to solve the crime. I haven't read the author's previous books, but Murder at the Carousel Club was so entertaining, that I have made it a point to see if the other books are as good. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading a good mystery.

Review by D.K.S.
Atlanta, Georgia

I recently read Barbara Fleming's new mystery novel Murder at the Carousel Club (Silver Maple Publications, 2008) and what a pleasure it was to read. Being a reader who searches for books that both hold my interest and entertain me at the same time, I savored every page of Murder at the Carousel Club. It is such a joy to finally find an author who knows how to tell a realistic, down-to-earth story in a fascinating way. Once I started reading, it was very hard to put the book down. I have read the two previous Matthew Alexander mysteries (Hot Stones, Cold Death (2001) and Murder on the Gold Coast (2005)) and enjoyed them as well, but I think Murder at the Carousel Club is the best mystery in the series to date.

Review by T.K.
Washington, D.C.

Murder at the Carousel Club emerges as Barbara Flemings' best to date. It was a great book and I enjoyed observing Matt Alexander's unsanctioned investigator (Fred) at work in trying to get at the truth. It was so clever how Fleming used him in this mystery. Perhaps she will include Fred again when Alexander investigates his next murder.

Review by F. Tolbert

With her third novel, MURDER AT THE CAROUSEL CLUB, Barbara Fleming again shows her deftness in creating compelling characters and enmeshing them in a complex web of circumstances. When Frank Porter is found shot to death in his flashy SUV in the parking lot of the Carousel Club, the chief suspect lies unconscious nearby, with no gun in his possession. Lieutenant Matt Alexander quickly discovers that the victim was both self-promoting and not particularly likable. As tough-minded Alexander begins to plumb the depths of the case, he runs afoul of uncooperative witnesses with respectable reputations to protect and secrets to hide. Simultaneously, a sympathetic ex-con gone straight begins to work the case for his own reasons. Readers will find the story hard to put down as Fleming builds a world both real and unforgettable.

Review by Barbara Glass


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